Admin Note

Since starting this blog back in January, I've had the extraordinary good fortune to interact with some wonderful people, both enthusiasts and professionals, and to learn a lot more about our community and the industry that supports it. It has been a wonderful experience for me, but things are changing, and it's now time for me to assess how this is going. 

From the beginning, I've tried to maintain a routine of two substantial posts each week; that was the middle of my long summer holiday, when I had plenty of ideas and time, and the pace was designed to slow me down. I subscribed to many excellent blogs, found forums with interesting content, established an account with Instagram, and began corresponding with pen folk online; all things that have been hugely satisfying, but also quite time-consuming. 

Since those holidays, the weather has cooled, classes have resumed, a two-year research project has started, and my relationship has become more important. That abundance of free time has faded into the past, and -- with the research project kicking up a gear, and midsemesters a few weeks away -- will soon become a scarcity. Something has to give, and that means there are going to be some changes to the blog.

For the next few weeks, I'm going to step down to one post per week, to be published on Friday so that it's something for you to enjoy over the weekend. My hope is that this will mean more time for me to consider and prepare each post, giving you less content but higher quality; I also hope this will prove to be sustainable. Ideally, this will also mean that I can step up the tempo over the winter break (June/July) and get back to twice-weekly posts. 

Of course, I'm interested to hear what you think about this, as well as any topics you would like to see me cover. You can comment on the post or get in touch with me directly here. Cheers!