Blog Announcement

I wanted to let you know that there will be no blog update this weekend. Instead, I have a special event for next week: an extended piece looking at the aesthetics of fountain pens, which will draw on ideas from art, history, philosophy, and linguistics. Due to the length, I will be serialising the piece as five posts over the course of next week, with the full piece republished as a single post on Saturday. 

The series will be a bit of a change for this blog, as there will be no economics, but I hope that it will provide you with something this blog has always aimed to do: present a new perspective on the fountain pen community and new ideas that you will find interesting and (hopefully) useful. 

It has been a real joy to research and write, and I hope that you will all enjoy reading it just as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I am very much looking forward to hearing what you think.