Just a quick post today to announce some exciting some stuff that I’m doing in the pen community. 

Dowdy and the Doctor

First up is a new project that Brad Dowdy and I have launched called Dowdy and the Doctor. It’s a light-hearted discussion about pens, economics, and whatever else strikes our fancy. The discussions aren’t too long, maybe 10-15 minutes per episode, and will air once or twice a month. They are available for free to members of the Pen Addict blog — so if you haven’t already joined up, I really encourage you to consider it. Membership gets you a subscription to Dowdy and the Doctor, the weekly Refill newsletter, ink links, and a range of other benefits that will be unveiled as the year goes on!

Adventures in the Fountain Pen Economy

Second, I will be presenting a public lecture called Adventures in the Fountain Pen Economy at midday on Saturday, 13 February at De La Salle University here in Manila. The lecture will go for less than an hour, followed by a Q&A session and the February Manila pen meet. I believe the event will be catered. If you would like to attend, you can do so at the FPN—Philippines website (registration is free for non-members). For those of you outside Manila, we have been asked about whether the lecture will be recorded or broadcast online and are looking into it. 

Just quietly, I’m also hard at work on another project that I’m hoping to announce next month. This is one I’ve been putting together for months now with the help of some wonderful people, and it’s something I think most of you will love. I’m really excited about it and cannot wait to share the news when everything is ready!