Not Dead Yet

I've had a few emails lately asking if I've given up on blogging. The answer is no, absolutely not, but finding free time has been a real struggle lately. We were a bit short-staffed at work so I took on a heavier teaching load than usual, which has coincided with the job market season. I haven't applied for a job in at least five years and have been surprised at how much time it takes to turn around a half-decent application. 

It's been a busy and stressful time but all of my work has started to bear fruit. I've found a few exceptional students this semester, ones who are passionate about economics and make teaching really satisfying, and have upcoming interviews for two jobs which I would love to land. There's a few more in progress and I'm starting to feel more confident that I'll end up in a job that is interesting, challenging and meaningful. 

There's still a fair bit of work for me to get through but I'm hoping to be back on a monthly schedule from July (assuming all of this exam marking doesn't kill me). In the meantime, you can still find me on Twitter and Instagram, or you can contact me directly here