Not Dead Yet

I've had a few emails lately asking if I've given up on blogging. The answer is no, absolutely not, but finding free time has been a real struggle lately. We were a bit short-staffed at work so I took on a heavier teaching load than usual, which has coincided with the job market season. I haven't applied for a job in at least five years and have been surprised at how much time it takes to turn around a half-decent application. 

It's been a busy and stressful time but all of my work has started to bear fruit. I've found a few exceptional students this semester, ones who are passionate about economics and make teaching really satisfying, and have upcoming interviews for two jobs which I would love to land. There's a few more in progress and I'm starting to feel more confident that I'll end up in a job that is interesting, challenging and meaningful. 

There's still a fair bit of work for me to get through but I'm hoping to be back on a monthly schedule from July (assuming all of this exam marking doesn't kill me). In the meantime, you can still find me on Twitter and Instagram, or you can contact me directly here


Graduation Day

I attended my partner’s graduation ceremony on Thursday night and felt ashamed. Not of her – after all, she has worked incredibly hard over the last three years and has certainly earned her degree – but of myself.

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The Collection

Last year, I posted about my plan to limit myself to ten nice pens and, since then, I’ve had plenty of people get in touch to say they’re imposing their own limits – sometimes more than ten, sometimes less – and talking about their experiences. Just as often, I have people asking how I manage my collection and the decision about which pens to keep or sell. While I wouldn’t say it’s an organised system, there is an approach that I use and I’ll share it in today’s post.

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A Grail Pen Update

Since my last post on the grail pen, I’ve had a few people asking whether I’ve pulled the trigger and the answer (so far) is no. Partly because it’s a monumental amount of money and I haven’t quite come to terms with that, but it’s also partly because the pen was discontinued shortly after that post was published. There’s still a few available here and there so it remains a possibility, but there’s also a new Skeleton being released. The official announcement is this weekend but I’ve been fortunate to enjoy an early look.

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The Cost Disease

In today’s post, we talk about an idea in economics called the Cost Disease and how it affects the prices of the things we buy. It’s an interesting idea which allows us to pick apart the FP industry and think about how it might change the industry in the future. 

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