For Sale

Vintage Parker Duofold Seniors

I picked up both of these in the last couple of months and I really love them, but have to be honest in saying that they're not for me. They were made in the late 1920s and I worry about dropping or breaking them pretty much every minute they're out of the case. For someone who is a user, not a collector, and has a limit of how many pens I allow myself to own, it's hard to justify two pens that don't get used. So I'm putting these up for sale. 

If you're not familiar with the Duofold Seniors, these are large pens (slightly bigger than a Twsbi Eco) with button-fillers and made from permanite. These pens aren't the rarest in the world (although the Lapis is becoming harder to find) but it's unusual to find models which are recently restored and in good condition like these. 

Big Red

The Big Red came to me from Gary Lehrer (Go Pens) and the nib was adjusted by Dan Smith (The Nibsmith). It's got a wet, fine-medium nib and the filler works really nicely. Gary did the restoration and it's in seriously good condition. There's no real marks, scratches, or plating. The filling system works nicely and it's a very pleasant writer. Asking US$350. Now sold

Lapis Lazuli

The Lapis has a bit of a story to it. It's an unusual colour with a very unusual nib. The previous owner had the nib ground into a 1.2mm stub by Greg Minuskin and the pen came to me in less-than-ideal condition. I had Dan Smith work on the nib and he tuned it to a very nice stub with gentle corners and moderately wet flow. Note that the stub is like a Twsbi and there isn't a ball of tipping. The Pensmith did a great job restoring it, replacing the sac, cleaning the nib, and replating the clip (which suffered some brassing). This one isn't in the same condition as the Big Red as barrel has experienced some discoloration, which isn't unusual for this model. Asking US$350. 

Other Details

Dan has kindly vouched for the pens and for me. Prices are negotiable and shipping/insurance is at half-cost as I'm located in Australia. Payment via Paypal. If you're interested in making an offer, you can contact me here